Beat Latino

hosted and produced by Catalina Maria Johnson, a Chicago-based music journalist

Beat Latino celebrates in every hour a different facet of the extraordinary diversity of the Latin musical universe. From traditional, roots music to the most cutting-edge avant garde, Beat Latino shares the best of Latin music with you! Each week, Beat Latino explores a topic of cultural significance through our music - holidays, immigration, genres and rhythms from different countries, life, family, love - everything Latinos have sung about past, present and future. Beat Latino is presented in Spanish and English.

Cada edición de Beat Latino celebra una diferente faceta del presente, pasado y futuro de la extraordinaria diversidad del universo musical latino - desde ritmos y melodías raíz tradicionales hasta la música de último momento y de vanguardia - ¡lo mejor de lo mejor de la música latina! A través de la música, en el programa de Beat Latino exploramos en cada hora un tema de importancia cultural, por ejemplo, días festivos, la inmigración, diversos géneros y países, la vida, la familia y el amor - ¡todos los temas sobre los cuales cantamos los latinos! Catalina Maria Johnson les invita a sintonizar Beat Latino, cuya presentación es en inglés y en español.

kommende Folgen

Beat Latino | 20.01.2018

Featured photo: Buika at Winter Jazzfest, NYC 2018 by Catalina Maria Johnson.

Beat Latino celebrates the wonderful week or so of musical activities at APAP 2018, the industry showcase for Arts Professionals, that took place in New York City last week. We were able to experience so much wonderful music live! From the afro-flamenco and reggae-tinged rhythms of Buika to snazzy, edgy, muscular jazz of Grammy nominee Antonio Sanchez at Winter Jazzfest to the tropical psychedelic beats of Combo Chimbita at Secret Planet presented at Drom by Barbes and Electric Cowbell to the Guatemayan hip hop of Doctor Nativo at Mundial Montreal's showcase to the flute-laced rhymes of La Dame Blanche at Globalfest to.... so much more! It's a recap of the finest of the finest musical vanguardia to experienced at APAP 2018, including comments by APAP's Executive Director Mario Garcia Durham. Enjoy!


letzte Folgen

Beat Latino | 13.01.2018

Feature photo: Xenia Rubinos, Olga Bell, Sammus.
Courtesy of the artists. By Maxwell Schiano

It's time to celebrate the first batch of music that we discovered in 2018 (or late 2017 :)! Beat Latino has a wonderful selection from tropical futurism from Colombo-neoyorquinos (Combo Chimbita) to indie folk tinged by Nicaragua (Elena & los Fulanos) to reggae via Spain (Fyahboy) and punk psychedelic rock from Arizona (The Myrrors) to remakes of classic resistance pieces (Kansas City, Missouri's Making Movies), to rock en español from Uruguay (Sante Les Amis) to a beautiful new collaboration by Xenia Rubinos, Olga Bell and Sammus (featured photo) Latinx music for this new year and into the future is looking marvelous!


Beat Latino | 06.01.2018

We're thinking here at Beat Latino that it would be wonderful to share more light and love for the New Year, because as the saying says, "It's better to light a candle than to curse the darkness".

So here's an hour of music dedicated to songs about la luz of all kinds – the light of love, the light of day, the things that happen when the lights are turned down low... Happy New Year, dear friends of Beat Latino, and may your 2018 and the years to come be full of light and wonder.


Beat Latino | 30.12.2017

It's that time of year when our thoughts turn to changing for the better, so this week's Beat Latino shares music for to accompany New Year's resolutions. More music, less violence? More singing, more dancing? New romantic horizons? Well, we got you covered with a tune for every kind of trend you wish to encourage in the year to come!

Day of the Dead

Beat Latino | 28.10.2017

Mexican skeleton puppet. Photo by Catalina Maria Johnson

It's a fiesta for the dead! This week's Beat Latino is a selection of songs to bring back the dead and keep the alive on the dance floor with tunes from California, Peru, Argentina, Mexico and more. ¡Viva el Día de los Muertos! It's Beat Latino's Day of the Dead special.

Beat Latino | 21.10.2017

Featured photo: Jorge Drexler by imagine it media/ Warner Spain

What defines us as humans? Certainly one of our key characteristics is an eternal drive to seek new horizons - sometimes in adventure, sometimes in search of a better economic future, sometimes simply to see what lies beyond... This week's Beat Latino is dedicated to the idea of "movement", particularly inspired by the song of that name composed by singer-songwriter Jorge Drexler from Uruguay, from his latest album.